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Facebook’s New Augmented Reality Interface

By March 24, 2021 No Comments

Source: The Verge

Facebook has released plans for its new augmented reality interface based on technology from CTRL-Labs.

Users will wear wristbands that use electromyography (EMG) to translate subtle neural signals into actions—like typing, swiping, or playing games like an archery simulator. The bands offer haptic feedback, creating a system that’s more responsive than basic hand tracking options.

How does it work? The bands track simple gestures Facebook calls “clicks.” They’re similar to the all-purpose Microsoft HoloLens “air tap” gesture but tracked with the nerve signals that run along your arms, rather than visual sensors mounted on a headset.

Theoretically, the bands could a lot more, though. For instance, they could track the nerve signals your brain sends to your fingers while you’re typing, so you can type on a virtual keyboard without using physical buttons. The bands would adapt to the way your fingers move when you’re making common typos, then automatically correct for them.

This could drastically change the way most people interact with computers. The mind-bending part is that this technology was originally invented by CTRL-Labs to be used in a way that let’s you “think” about moving your hands, without having to actually move them.

While there may be obvious data issues, this might not be that far off from data currently being collected by fitness trackers, AR goggles, and other biometric information captured by tech companies.

Will you try out this new technology once its available?