Planning Your Future



Network Technology Partners offers vCIO solutions to help you implement strategies based on your challenges, goals and budget. You’ll regularly meet with our vCIO team to analyze your current problems, and then we’ll create a plan of action for resolving them. We’ll begin by learning about your organization. Then, we’ll create a strategic roadmap to help you reach your goals, procure and deploy solutions and manage them post-deployment. As experts within the IT field, we’ll use our industry knowledge to find services designed to reduce your tech headaches and evolve as your organization does.


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  • Project Management
  • Financial and Strategic Planning
  • Vendor Management
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Solution Research and Deployment
  • Real-Time Reporting


Align Business and IT

By integrating your technology into your business strategy, we’ll optimize your organization’s performance and streamline workflow.

Gain Expert Advice

Whether you’re looking to improve a current service or you need a new solution to fix a problem, we’ll use our industry expertise to help you make informed decisions.

Boost Performance

Don’t let extended downtime and band-aid solutions prevent you from reducing your IT headaches; we’ll implement the right solution the first time to improve performance.

Control Costs

Hiring external experts to create a tech strategy, install services and manage your solutions is expensive. Our all-inclusive support reduces overall costs and helps you plan ahead.

Create Disaster Plans

Between external cyber threats and internal errors, we’ll create disaster recovery plans to improve your business continuity and productivity.

Strengthen Vendor Relations

We have experience working with a range of vendors, and we’ll use our expertise to maintain, manage and strengthen your B2B partnerships.


“Reliable IT help is critical in our workplace environments, and becoming more so every year. Robert and the team at Network Technology Partners has been an integral part of our growth success for over 15 years. We value their technical skills, their advice, and their prompt attention. I highly recommend NTP!”

Carey AaronVice President, The Pasta Shoppe

“I’ve worked with Robert Benton for at least fifteen years, and we’ve been together through all sorts of challenging technical and business changes. Through thick and thin Robert and now his great team have been amazing, consistent, responsive, and they even translate tech-talk into business English ; - ) NTP delivers solid value and we recommend them.”

Lyvonn ReesePresident & Owner, Hot Spot Tanning

“Robert and his team have been helping us for coming up on three years. When we first met he asked me what I wanted from our technology, and I answered with one word ‘Quiet’. Ever since, Robert asks if our I.T. is ‘quiet’ and I enjoy responding that, yes it’s nice & quiet. That’s why we like NTP’s service and recommend them. Our Company has locations in two states and downtime can bring us to our knees. Robert and his staff took the time to understand our business and helped develop a reliable plan that continuously delivers and expands to meet our needs.”

Jeff MorganGeneral Manager, Coca Cola of Tullahoma

“Robert Benton and his NTP team have been delivering prompt service with quality communication coming up on seven years. We like the flat rate billing and NTP ticketing system that quickly reports what’s up. That’s the main reason we like NTP’s service and endorse them.”

Felicia DemosOwner, Demos Restaurant Murfreesboro

“Robert and NTP folks resolved a challenging situation we had about a year ago with responsive, quality, knowledgeable service. They worked with us at our pace to scale up several projects, and now we like the flat rate billing and consistency of the managed service approach. We recommend Robert Benton and NTP.”

Carol PraterMurfreesboro Surgical Specialists

“Network Technology Partners has been an invaluable resource for Bristol Development Group since 2009. Robert and his team have always listened first and made suggestions later. That has helped us tremendously with resolving our IT needs while also solidifying a trusted relationship. NTP, no doubt, will add value to any organization that chooses to work with them.”

Bryan JacobsBristol Development Group

“Robert Benton and his team have been helping Guaranty Trust for over a decade. Thanks so much to the staff for your consistent hard work and commitment to your clients. It never surprises me how efficient, responsive and dedicated you are to our needs. To this day Network Technology Partners is still such a vital part of our day to day operations. The top notch service and professionalism they provide allows us to operate more efficiently and exert our energies in other important areas of our operations. They have really set the standard for how an IT Services Company should be measured. I will continue to refer anyone I know to Network Technology Partners.”

Ryan McCormickGuaranty Trust
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