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Q&A w/ Pat Kennedy at Ole South Properties

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   Pat Kennedy

Local Middle Tennessee business and NTP client was recognized as a “Top 100 Builder in America” by Builder Magazine.

Ole South is a locally owned and operated company that has been labeled as “Tennessee’s favorite home builder.” NTP owner, Robert Benton, has said that Ole South is his greatest inspiration in business because of the way in which they have continually grown their business through the usage of automation and operational efficiencies. To further reflect on their business operations and the customer-client relationship with NTP, we shared a conversation with Ole South’s Pat Kennedy.


Q: Can you describe your company’s growth cycle over the past year?

A: It can be attributed to the pandemic and people reevaluating their life situations.  We see this on a smaller scale in January of each year, as people spend more time at home and with family.  We can’t miss mentioning that Middle Tennessee is a beautiful place to live, and our housing has historically been more affordable than the larger cities, drawing more and more people to the area.


Q: What are some things you attribute this growth to?

A: In addition to the prior answer, our company has grown and maintained during the worse of times and the best of times.  It was in the worse of times I recall the realization of how many people and businesses are supported by our company.  I believe we are blessed.  We are blessed to have an owner, John Floyd, who is much more than “the boss”.  He leads us to be the best we can.  He allows us to self-manage our areas, which allows us to take initiative and have a sense of accomplishment in all we do.  He calls it having the right person in the seat on the bus.  I even think of it as on a train.  It’s a large, momentum growing vehicle, which provides the largest purchase in a person’s life, that of home ownership.


Q: In What ways has automation and technology directly lead to this growth?

A: Our technology has not changed for the most part, but we have depended on it more than before.  The only new technology we have utilized is virtual video platforms for home presentations.


Q: Are there any ways that retaining the support of a MSP for IT needs been helpful in your company’s success?

A: It allows us to make our main business our main business.  We know we can call NTP and they’ll help us to keep our “wheels” moving in the right direction, in a timely and professional manner, providing support and options in new technologies.


Q: What do you think will be the most significant shift involving technology in your industry in the near future?

A: We are learning new ways of communicating and managing our individual areas, that enables us to maximize our time and efforts going forward.