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Remote Team Collaboration

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Remote Communication using Microsoft Teams

Using Microsoft Teams to Communicate while working Remotely.

2020 saw NTP pivot from a traditional office-based business to becoming a fully remote company. One Microsoft tool has helped the most with this smooth transition. Any guesses as to which one?

Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams has proven to be an invaluable communication tool for us at Network Technology Partners. Last spring, when everything was shutting down, we began temporarily working from home. After about a month, we decided that remote work made the most sense for our company and the efficiency in which we serve our customers. This is when we began the journey to permanent work-from-home.

At this point, we had been a Microsoft Partner for several years, so we knew we had all the tools in place for a smooth transition. We had used Microsoft Teams to chat with co-workers and share ideas, when we were still in the office, but once we began working remotely Teams became the communication hub for us; We currently use it as our phone system, for group and one-one-one meetings, file and app sharing and even the holiday virtual pizza party!

Now that we can stay connected using Microsoft Teams, we are also able to spend more time with our families. Marc Corum, Senior System Administrator at NTP said his favorite thing about working from home is that he can say, “hi” to his children when they get home from school each day.