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Tech Talk with Robert Benton

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Q: In this month’s newsletter, we are focusing on the utilization of Azure to create scalable cloud-based solutions for businesses. It’s been noted that cloud security is more secure than on-premise environments. What are some of the basic ways in which using cloud technology offers better security for our clients?

A: Besides some of the physical benefits of equipment is not stolen, Microsoft invests Billions each year on protecting your data through firewalls, security analytics and log monitoring. No small business, and not many large businesses, can invest this amount of money to ensure their on-premises data is protected. By partnering with Microsoft on maintaining our customers data in the cloud, we are all but guaranteed their data is safe. We must keep in mind that no cloud services guarantee data, only access to the data. Whether your hosting data in the cloud or on-premises a sound backup solution is still required.

Q: Azure is also being used to create mind-bending augmented reality interfaces that will become part of our daily interactions. For the last few months, we’ve talked about the rapidly changing way in which we communicate with each other and how we interact with computers. When thinking of ways this technology has connected us, what predictions do you have for the future of communication using technology? 

A: Technology has some of the brightest minds we have ever seen and its apparent in the world around us. Uber, Tesla, Robinhood, Apple are just a few companies that has used connected technology to improve our daily lives. For NTP, Microsoft Teams has played a huge role in allowing us to communicate with our clients thus reducing communication conflicts related to email and phone calls.

Q: What are some of the social benefits?

A: Video communications has played a huge role in connecting our family and friends across the world and our children are now learning remotely and have unlimited access to teaching resources.

Q: What are some creative or eccentric ways that you predict this technology can be used in the future?

A: Imagine the unimaginable is what visionaries like Microsoft, Apple and Tesla do every day, right? I would like to see drones that have displays in them that can find you. Say if my wife wants to find me, she sends the drone. That would be pretty impressive when I am in the yard working. Moving screens just using hand gestures would also be pretty wild. The movie Minority Report was my first experience in that.

Q: Do you remember the first time you heard the term “the cloud” used in technology? And/or your first experience with an Saas?

A: Not really the term “the cloud”, but I have been exposed to hosting solutions and remote access to data most of my life. Dating back to the modem and BBS days of 1982, I was storing files on a remote computer and communicating with people around the world. This would have been a form of SaaS since someone else hosted the software, some of my data was stored on their environment and I paid a monthly fee to access it.